Company Names.

Over the summer i’ve been thinking of company names for the Final Year, weither I go freelance or be part of a team. I’ve thought of many names but I was always stuck on the second part of the name. I couldn’t decide what to call it. I had in mind to use “Compositor” or “Composits”. After a talk with Mike, he subjected that I use “Post Production” rather than “Compositor”. Solely because a Compositor only does one thing, where as Post Production does it all. So I decided on the “Post Production” as the second title.

The main name I was going back and forth with different names, I could not figure it out. But i decided on the name “Phoenix”.

The reason the name “Phoenix” is because in Post Production, you take something and make it in to something beautiful. The shot gets a new lease of life. It gets Reborn from the ashes so to speak. So from now on its

Phoenix Post Production